Phone keeps ringing

Docplanner Phone is an omnichannel platform for Clinics. It allows medical staff to centralise all patient communications (Phone, Whatsapp, SMS, forms), and solve one by one thanks to inbox-zero approach and availability of async channels.

One of the main jobs to be done of secretary in any Clinic is answering calls. Taking this as the problem space to explore and to tweak in this Quarter's objective – we managed to have a true impact on receptionists satisfaction.


We started with the idea to gather insights from Customer Success team that is closest to our secretaries that are often too busy to interview.

I proposed a workshop, where we used liberating structures 1-2-4 format to look into the biggest pain-points and opportunities to improve the experience relating to calling.

We identified around 20 pains (some of which repeated) – that we could later take to the Product Trio meeting and analyse and review in terms of actual potential impact, using Impact-Effort matrix.


The idea that was relatively easy to implement and with high potential impact was related to current "round-robin" behaviour where we'd call each desk for 20 second before jumping to another one – this caused discomfort when that person next to another desk can't answer, and others can't to nothing but wait for their turn to answer.

We mapped how the current experience works and confirmed where this painpoint actually takes place in the flow and logic that we have.


The solution to the pinpoint was two-fold:

  • Showing the call ringing on other desk also to other receptionists
    (arrow and receptionist name + duration)

  • Adding a button to takeover a call
    (button: Takeover this call)

At this stage we also defined 40 active users monthly as our success metric and REDUCING THE AVERAGE WAITING TIME as expected outcome.


We defined the success of this solution to be any number exceeding 40 active users monthly. We got 1004 unique users every month, and many many reports from CS about satisfied customers.

On this team we have limited tracking options, but we assume that also patient waiting time dropped and more patients could be reached as a consequence of this feature.